A wild Anna has appeared!


Hence my radio silence for the past few weeks! My good friend Anna has flown all the way across the ocean on a metallic bird to travel around Ukraine with me. I haven’t yet had a chance to gather my thoughts on the places we’ve seen; this post is just to confirm that we are still alive and still rocking. But over the next week or so, I may or may not write some posts about beautiful Crimea; about perhaps the most absurd and enjoyable taxi ride I’ve ever taken; and about our trip to Chernobyl. Yes, that Chernobyl. Keep an eye out.


About Arbutus

learner, traveler, music-maker, explorer, rabbit extraordinaire
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2 Responses to A wild Anna has appeared!

  1. DJ Forza says:

    I’m intrigued!

  2. Amy says:


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